Windows XP Security Console Registration

Windows® XP Security Console registration


For computer consulting companies, retailers, resellers and/or computer repair shops, your license does not cover use on a client/customer computer.

Your clients/customers require their own license.

1) Purchasing a license for Corporate/Academic use allows you to use this utility on any computer your organization owns or substantially controls (lease or rent), in your place of business (Site License). Separate locations require a separate license. Your license does not apply to use on a customer/client computer.

2) This license is not transferable.

3) You may not distribute your license key to any other person or entity outside of your organization.

4) Home use licenses are not valid for use in any business, even on a trial basis.  Business found to be using a Home license will not be entitled to any support.

Obtaining a Corporate/Academic licensed version of this program is easy.  Secure electronic payment, credit card or e-Check, is accepted via PayPal.  Simply provide your desired User name and e-mail address*.  The cost for a Corporate/Academic licensed version of this utility is $50, US.  Enter your information and click the Add to Cart button.  You'll automatically be taken to the View Cart page where you can confirm or modify your order. After you confirm your order, click the Checkout button, to be taken to PayPal's secure website, where you can complete your purchase.

BEFORE you purchase your license, please ensure that this program will meet your needs. Consult the included Help file and make sure that you're not expecting it to do something that it will not do.  All sales are final. Once a license key is issued, the purchase price cannot be refunded.

Licensed users will receive automatic notification of updates to this program.  Your license key will work with the current and all future versions of this utility.

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You will receive your License Key via the e-mail address you provide. Use of an anti-spam service may delay the receipt of your license key.
Your registered user information will be the user name you provide.

Please allow 24 hours for receipt of your license key. Payments made by eCheck will processed once the eCheck has cleared PayPal (3 to 4 business days)

  License fee: $50.00 (US)

Thank you for your support of this utility.

Doug Knox

*Your e-mail address will used to send your license information, and to notify you of major updates to this program.  It will not be used for any other purpose, or provided to any other 3rd party.