Add Files to "Containing text" Searches

xp_persisthandler.vbs - Enable XP's "Search" to find text in files.
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There is a new utility that allows filtering for "Files Containing Text", without having to add the PersistentHandler value to specific File Types.  In my testing, to date, it is very effective.  You can download this new utility here.

Usage: Download xp_persisthandler.vbs and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate to where you saved it and double click the file. Double click the file you just saved.  You'll be prompted to enter a file extension.  If the PersistentHandler value is correct, no changes will be made.  If the PersistentHandler value exists, but is different, no changes will be made.  If no PersistentHandler value exists, then it will be created.  See my tip on this issue for more information.  More information can be found in the MS Knowledge Base as well.

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