Windows XP Tips

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Tips for Windows XP
(some are links to MS KB articles)


NEW!! - Windows XP Security Console - Version 1.4 released 10/26/2003

Advanced Registry EditingHow Do I Get the Security Tab in Properties?
Backup and Restore Outlook Express Files and SettingsHow Do I Get the Security Tab in Properties - XP Home - NEW (and very cool!)
Can't find Files "containing text"?Install 98/Me After XP is Installed
Change Drive letters in Windows XPInstall Windows 2000 After XP is Installed
Control Programs that Run at StartupLock the Desktop
Disable CD Autorun - HomeMessenger Service Popups
Disable CD Autorun - PROMultibooting with Windows XP
Disable the Windows Logo KeysOutlook Express does not save passwords
Disable the Windows Splash ScreenPrevent Windows Messenger from automatically starting
Enable Autologon - XP HomeProtect Your PC Against Damage/Data Loss
Enable Autologon - XP ProRecover Deleted Files/Folders
Enable CD Burning for Limited AccountsRemote Desktop Web Connection
File and Folder Security in Windows XPRemove TweakUI 1.33 manually
How Do I find my IP address?  Where's WINIPCFG?Rename Desktop (System) Icons
Hide/Show Users on the Welcome ScreenRestrict a User's Logon hours
How Do I Repair Internet ExplorerShare OE Mail Between Users
How To Install Norton AntiVirus 2001Single Click System Restore Point
How To Delete an Undeletable FileWhere Did My Desktop Icons Go?
How To Do a "Repair Installation"Where Is NetMeeting?
Windows Messenger - Disable Completely
Windows Messenger - Remove

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