Restrict User Logon Hours

How do I restrict a User's Logon hours?

You can only restrict when a user can log on to the system.  On a stand alone computer, there is no way, currently, to force a user to log off when their hours expire.

1) Open Help and Support and type "logon hours" (without the quotes) in the search box.
2) Go to Full text matches and click on "Net user".  See the examples for setting a user's logon hours.  Some examples would be:

    net user johnsw /time:M-F,08:00-17:00
    net user johnsw /time:M-F,8am-5pm
    net user marysl /time:M,4am-5pm;T,1pm-3pm;W-F,8:00-17:00
    net user johnsw /time:all     (this one means this user can always log on)

3) Open a Command Prompt window.
4) Enter the appropriate "net user" command for the user(s) you wish to restrict access for.

If you need to force a user to log off when their hours expire, you may want to investigate Access Boss, from FS Pro Labs.

Acess Boss

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