Windows XP Security Console Registration

Windows® XP Security Console registration.

Two different licenses are available for this utility. 
Please click the link for the appropriate version for your situation.

Before you purchase a license, please review the program, and the included Help file, to ensure that the program meets your needs, and that you are not expecting it to do something that it won't.  License purchases are final. Once a license key has been issued, your purchase price cannot be refunded.

Please allow 24 hours to process your license request.  If you have not received your license key by then, forward a copy of your PayPal confirmation e-mail to If you're using a spam blocking service or program, ensure that you allow as an allowed address.

Payments made by eCheck will processed once the eCheck has cleared PayPal (3 to 4 business days).

Thank you for your support of this utility.

Click here to purchase an individual user license for the Windows XP Security Console.

Click here to purchase a license for use in a Corporate, Academic, Non-Profit or other "non-home use" environment.

Please purchase the license that is appropriate for your situation. 
Let your conscience be your guide.

Doug Knox

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